Patient Testimonials

Dr. Gange, Thank you so much for your generosity! I really appreciate everything you have done for us. You have a wonderful staff that I enjoy seeing each time we come. Debbie S.

Thank you for your expertise and care over the past two years. I never thought I would enjoy dental work but your upbeat nature helped make me at ease. I love my straight teeth and the compliments I get all the time on my smile. I tell people Dr.Gange is amazing.  Rebecca C.

Dr. Gange, Thank you for a great smile! Olivia

Please let Dr. Gange know that Dan looks AMAZING!!!!!! I love his new teeth! Michelle

Dr. Gange & Staff, Thank you for your kindness and compassion you bring every day. Cole & Emily are so comfortable in your office and look forward to seeing you each visit. Jenni M.

"Dear Bob, Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to see Tyler yesterday. We greatly appreciate your kind act. You are the best! Thanks again.  Don M.

Dr. Gange, Thank you are not adequate enough words to describe how lucky I feel and how appreciative I am of your generosity and kindness! With sincere thanks, Karen F.

Dear Dr. Gange, I cannot thank you enough for all your help. My teeth are beautiful! Thank you so much for fixing my teeth and restoring my smile. You and your staff are wonderful, and you do a great job!  Thanks again!  Patty H.

Greetings Dr. Gange! Thank you for so positively impacting the lives of so many young people (and old people like me). You inspire me to be better at what I do. Thank you. Allison B.

Dr. Gange, Thank you for my beautiful smile! I love it!  At first I missed my braces, but now I am glad that they are gone! Thanks. Gabby

Dear Dr. Gange and Team, I'm smiling because of you! Heartfelt thanks, Z. K.

Dr. Gange, I want to thank you for all you have done for Kyla over the past few years. I also recognize that you are a special doctor to all your patients, especially the children! Thank you for what you do!  Bill P.

Dr. Gange & Staff, There are (literally) no words to describe just how grateful I am for all you did for me and of course for my smile during the time I was a patient in your office. I am blown away by the difference in how I feel and look, as well as the responses I have received from family, friends and co-workers. I will continue to refer to you until I am blue in the face, and will be eternally grateful for your knowledge/expertise, kindness and generosity. All the best, Mary R.

Dear Dr. Gange, It was nice to see you after so many years since you treated my daughter Kelly. I want to thank you for putting a band on my tooth for my root canal. It was kind of you to do it for no charge. Thanks again for your help to preserve my tooth. Best regards, Mary S.

Dr. Gange, Thank you for all your help over the years, I really appreciate it! I now have a sparkling smile thanks to you. All the best, Victoria B.

Dr. Gange, It is rare to find someone so generous, caring, and skilled (and personable too!). We are forever in debt for correcting E----'s teeth and resolving a very worrisome jaw problem. You are amazing! Best wishes to you, your family and your practice, Kris K.

Dear Dr. Gange, I cannot say thank you enough for your kindness this past year. You have helped me build more confidence with your thoughtful gift of a beautiful smile. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered forever with more gratitude than you will ever know. A huge thanks to your staff who were so caring and welcomed me into your office with open arms. Thank, thank you, thank you!  Angie G.

Dear Dr, Gange, We are overdue in telling you how much we appreciate you. You have been a blessing to our family through these many years. THANY YOU! The E. Family

The above unsolicited testimonials are available for view in their original context in our office.